Film where
it happens.

Seeing what matters. Showing, what`s important. Pictures that impress.
 Stories and topics that make you tick.

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International Film Productions

Conception – Production – Post Production. That means from briefing beyond concept
with screenplay for the film production to the movie.

promotional film

Promotional films for companies and institutions. Advertising for brands and products that matter.

Case history of promotional film


Documentaries and reports about people and topics that impress and make someone tick.

Case history of documentary

music video

Music videos for the web. Watch what you are normally listening to.

Case history of music video

educational film

Educational films for youth and adult education. Captured what matters. Explanatory and animated films. Quick access to the core.

Case history of educational film

exhibition film

Movies for exhibitions. Situations and contexts in motion pictures as a supplement or medium for installations and exhibitions.

Case history of exhibition film

short film

Short film productions with themes that make you tick. Insights into topics and ways of life.

Case history of short film