PhaseOne makes 10k in Rio 

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John Capra makes 10 k in Rio

Already with 4k resolutions crisp images are possible today. The filmmaker and photographer John Capra alias Scientifantastic shows that we can do better.

He presents spectacular images with a 10k - lapse video of the megacity of Rio de Janeiro. His impressive work entitled " 10328x7760 - A Timelapse 10K Demo".

Taken with the Phase One IQ 180 , he demonstrates the excellent resolution of this camera.

With a single shot eight to ten ordinary 1920x1080 images and five to six quality 4K images are possible. 

With this resolution, a high degree of flexibility for post- production is given , without having to make an extensive reworking of the photographic material .

pictures by: John Capra. More Info on his webpage.

picture from John Capra - PhaseOne IQ 180 - 10k Timelapse